Graphic Design, Computer Illustration, and Production Art
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Main Street Williamsport-Lycoming

Produced a website for Main Street Programs of Lycoming County. Main street organizations needed a vehicle of communication and a tool for fundraising and the solicitation of volunteers. Expect to activate website by 12/1/08. In the meantime visit the site Click Here.


What is Williamsport, Pennsylvania?

Produced a Flash animated presentation extolling the wondrous attributes of Williamsport, Pennsylvania for Williamsport's Main Street program. Click Here.


Special gallery (Strong Pools and Spas)

From January 2004 to January 2007 I worked for a plastics manufacturing firm - Strong Pools and Spas, in Northumberland, PA. Please check out some of my favorite projects. Click Here.


• Self mailing brochures - [DEFINITION]

A self mailing brochure to raise funds for the families of Alzheimer's victims. The assignment here was to convey a sense of dignity while selling the idea of a fun day on the links. Short biographies of two victims of the disease was featured (not shown) to personify this crippling and fatal illness. Click Here.


A special customer appreciation sale by local furniture store. The concept here was to encourage past patrons to return by offering incentives such as a substantial markdown of 50% Off! Click Here.


• Computer Illustrations- [DEFINITION]

Not an actual job. Freelance graphic artists must constantly develop new skills to remain competitive in a ever-changing, technically driven market. Richard James explored the possibilities of using the computer as tool to generate portraits. Click Here.


Working as a Production Artist in a prestigious design studio near Philadelphia, Richard James created graphs and charts for brochures, annual reports, sales literature, etc. This one was for a retirement plan offered by an investment company.Click Here.


Need a sense of direction? Maps included in ads, brochures, on the web, etc. are always a good design element to keep customers from getting lost.Click Here.


• Identity Programs & Logos - [DEFINITION]

Working with a leading public relations firm in Philadelphia, we developed an identity program for a $7 million dollar project to install radio transmitters on gas meters of residential customers throughout the greater Philadelphia area.Click Here.


Updating an existing logo and still keeping it recognizable.
While working as a full time Prepress Technician at Webb Communications, Inc., Williamsport, Pa., Richard James gave the company's logo some dimension.Click Here.


Webb Communications, Inc. wanted a new publication and a new beginning for it's sales staff and advertisers. This required new sales materials, business cards and a masthead for the new publication.Click Here.

If you would like to see more of my work when I worked at Webb Communications, Inc. Click Here.


• Community Work - [DEFINITION]

Produced poster, billboard art and t-shirt design for local community group's (CAPPA) third annual talent showcase in Williamsport, PA. Click Here.


Community Leaders with the assistance of the Williamsport Housing Authority established a youth basketball league. Graphic used on scoreboard, team jerseys, and stationery.Click Here.


• Ad Campaign - [DEFINITION]

A proposed ad campaign for an occupational and environmental safety firm. Unfortunately, the project never got pass the “design of the logo stage.” But, we liked the concept so much... Well, you know.Click Here.


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