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A collection of essays, short stories and personal observances

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Short, really short stories.

Last Adam and Eve.

Waddell's Dilemma.

DNA Foul-up.

The Clarification.

The Collision of Worlds.

Party Animals.

Mizz Nina's Song.

Tom's Virgina.

Dark Earth.

I am he, he is me.

The Serpent's Sales Pitch.

Poetry, Prose, free verse, whatever.

I Know People.

The Carney Man.

Essays and other things to think about.

Are Humans Becoming Obsolete?

You can't fool me! I know you have the WMD's in your house!

American racism; a taboo subject! *OBSCENITIES QUOTED

A sad letter to friends

Everything starts with a thought

Who are you, who am I?

My friend BJ.

Enduring love.

Being Thankful.

Seek to be meek.

Follow the Love Path

An encounter with a spiritual being

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