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Click here to see pictures of the band's latest performances. We would like to say to our fans, friends, business associates and family members, we appreciate your unwavering support.

We are in the process of updating this website to reflect the most recent changes that we have experienced. Stay tuned for more info on our new and pending website.

Change is constant. Hip-hop is king and Loni Gamble in association with CAPPA , a non-profit organization for youth intervention and development, is promoting new young artisits in this exciting genre. For more info on "Artists in Action" click here.

Would like to know more about us? Read our story at OurHistory/OurFuture

For those of you who do know us, you know that our main focus is the celebration of life through our music (see our vision page for more information about our philosophy). We seek to make our performances an enjoyable experience for our fans, friends and clients. We hope this website is equally as enjoyable.

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New artist Broken English has new single CD! Check it out! "What's going on? When will things get easier?"

Also featured is a rising Star, Tiffany Porterfield

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