Cease-Fire Day - December 14, 2013.

34 people die every day in the United States from firearms. some of those deaths are self-inflicted. That's 12,000 dead by guns. That's equivalent to four 9-11's every year. Some experts estimate that the cost of suicides, murders, accidents, police intervention by gun is one hundred billion dollars every year.

America has been waging war against young black males for the last 200 years... Ironically this is not a race issue. Quite to the contrary, it is a class issue. Young African-American Males are an endangered socio-economic class. They've even shoot themselves. Its time to end the violence against black men (and women). Let's stop the war against ourselves.Let's call for a CEASE-FIRE DAY.


Let it be known that Cease-Fire Day began in the city of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA - the city where Little League baseball was founded - after the tragedy of 20 children were destroyed by a distraught gunman with assault weapons on a Friday morning in Newtown, Connecticut.

We the lovers of peace in the world dedicate one 24-hour period to a global Cease-Fire Day effective December 14, 2013, the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

Please join us in this solemn occasion to remember all those that have suffered gun violence in their lives.

We offer an opportunity for Gun Owners to turn in their weapons of mass destruction... voluntarily. We appeal to their common sense. We plead to their sense of humanity to lay down their arms - for one day.

We hope that responsible gun groups will join us in this day of non-violence. We hope that no weapons sales are conducted on Cease-Fire Day. We hope that gun ranges shut down their operations for one day.

We hope that the entertainment industry comes together and produce a concert similar to "We are the World" or Farm Aid.

We hope that this initiative is successful in Williamsport, and spreads across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and across the nation. We would like it to become an international event similar to Earth Day.

Imagine no shootings in the United States for 24 hours! A moratorium on fire-fights. A truce. A temporary peace. A respite from the carnage. A timeout for shootouts. No drive-bys. No hit squads. A time to lay down weapons in memory of the children... everywhere.

Peace. Be still. for One Day.

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