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The black guy did it.


From the film, Birth of a Nation (1915). A white actor portrays a black rapist.
From the film, Birth of a Nation (1915). A white actor portrays a black rapist.

The small North Texas town of Denison, Grayson County has a population of about 22,000 people, about 19% are below the poverty level and approximately 0.09% are African-American.

In March 2017, a 19-year old white woman alleged that she had been kidnapped and raped by 3 black men. Investigators discovered that her story was false and charged her 3 felony counts. BUT She probably won’t serve any jail time.

The seriousness of the allegation

Let’s examine her reasons for concocting such a story. She said that she was upset and purposely cut herself with a knife. She realized that her would be angry with her for the self mutilation. So, she decided that an abduction and rape story would take the heat off of her and that she would get compassionate care instead. But what is troubling is the injection of race. She blamed 3 black men. Why?

Such allegations in the past could have gotten black men killed. The story of white women accusing black men of rape is not new. In Alabama, in 1931, nine Black boys (12-18) were accused of raping two White women. They were arrested and convicted and spent several years in prison.

A white woman, an elevator operator, claimed that a black man sexually assaulted or harassed her on May 30, 1921. The white community became enraged and the Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riot began. The black section of town was destroyed by fires set by white mobs and bombed by white pilots. Hundreds were killed and injured.

Susan Smith, a white woman claimed that her car was hijacked by a black man which initiated a massive nationwide manhunt on October 25, 1994. Her children were in the car. She pleaded the hijacker to return her kids on TV. Her children were drowned in a nearby lake (3-years old and a 1-year old). Eventually, she confessed to murdering her children.

Why did these women implicate black men as criminals? Because America is likely to believe them. Since the founding of the country Black Americans have been viewed as less than, the other, or as criminals. Author Ta-Nehisi Coates explains the historical roots of black criminality in a short video, “The Enduring Myth of Black Criminality.