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VOTE – Tuesday May 15, 2018

PA's New 12th Congressional DistrictThe 2018 Primary Election is upon us. Tuesday May 12, 2018 is the date. Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. You’re going to vote, right?

In primary elections registered Republicans vote for Republican candidates and registered Democrats will vote Democrat candidates. Independents are unable to vote in the primary.

Congressman Tom Marino
Congressman Tom Marino

The most notable race is between incumbent, Congressman (R) Tom Marino and his challenger Doug McLinko of Bradford county. What makes this race so interesting is the 60 Minutes/Washington Post exposé of the legislation that Marino sponsored that made DEA investigations of large drug pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers more difficult to pursue. The large companies allegedly oversold medications and fueled the Opioid epidemic. At one point Marino was being considered to be Trump’s drug czar but he withdrew his name citing personal reasons. And due to the successful legal challenges in court against gerrymandering, Marino’s old 10th Congressional District has been changed to the new 12th Congressional District. Will the Republicans re-elect Marino? (If you live in Williamsport you now live in the new 12th district.)

In other news, Congressman (R) Lou Barletta is running for US Senator. His challenger is Jim Christiana.

On the Democrat side, Senator (D) Bob Casey and Governor (D) Tom Wolf are up for re-election and are running unopposed in the primary.

Two Democrats, Marc Friedenburg and Judy Hershel, are jockeying for Marino’s seat come November.

Airneezer Paige
Airneezer Paige

And newcomer Airneezer Paige is running for State Representative, 83rd District seat. She lives in South Williamsport and is very active in community affairs and has hosted the radio show, Community Connections on WXPI Radio 88.9 FM.

Black Conservative Senate candidate

Screenshot from John James fro Senate website.
Screenshot from John James from Senate website.


John E. James is a Black Republican, a combat Iraq veteran, and a President of a large multi-million dollar auto supply firm but a newcomer to high office politics. News reports say he has collected over 1 million dollars for his campaign for the US Senate. He has an impressive record but will the Republican Party machine support him? The effort to unseat Senator Debbie Stebenow has several challengers with experience in public office in the Michigan Primary. In a crowded Republican primary, Mr. James is a long shot. (No relation to AAPN publisher Richard James)

Mr. James’ biography reads as one of a privileged class. His father John A. James, built companies that the younger James leads. (There is also another brother that is a CEO of two companies in the James Group International conglomerate.) The senior James is a Democrat but their political differences has not deterred his son to run for one of the highest elected offices in the country. The conversation at last Thanksgivings Day’s dinner must have been interesting.

Unlike President Barack Obama who started out in politics as an Illinois state Representative and who took advantage of uncanny opportunities that thrusted him to national prominence, John E. James has a serious lack of political experience. But there is something compelling about his candidacy.

James is counting on his military experience and business leadership to sway voters. His website says, “He is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-business conservative who has demonstrated energetic leadership, clarity of vision and a passion for service from the battlefield to the boardroom.”

Candidate James promised to post videos of his reaching out to the voters of Michigan. “100 days, 100 videos” he said. But that series of selfie videos seems to have stalled at number 12. But he is getting plenty of press and he is getting his name out there.

Mr. James is a long shot, but then again no one believed that Donald Trump would go all the way. He has picked up some important party endorsements. And he has gathered some serious cash for his run. The Michigan Primary Election is August 6, 2018.