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White Supremacy in school textbooks

We simply had to share to the following blog from the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard University. The Institute’s email communication with African-American Perspective Newsletter said, “Historian Donald Yacovone has contributed a piece reflecting on his study of how abolitionism, race, slavery, and the Civil War and Reconstruction have been taught in U.S. history textbooks from the 1830s to the present. It is called Teaching White Supremacy: U.S. History Textbooks and the Influence of Historians.”

We checked it out.

Happy slaves from an American textbook
Happy slaves from an American textbook

In the CHHIRP’s blog, Yacovone writes, “After reviewing my first fifty or so textbooks, one morning I realized precisely what I was seeing, what instruction, and what priorities were leaping from the pages into the brains of the children compelled to read them: White Supremacy.”

After reading Mr. Yacovone’s blog, ask yourself this question, “Were America’s children brainwashed to believe in whiteness as a superior quality and that Negroes were inherently and hopelessly inferior?”

Check it out here.