Jewel’s Signature Cookin’

Black owned business.

Jewel Johnson, owner, Jewel's Signature Cookin' Restaurant
Jewel Johnson, owner, Jewel’s Signature Cookin’ Restaurant

Jewel Johnson, owner of Jewel’s Signature Cookin’ Restaurant at 247 Campbell street in Williamsport is a black woman that has known her share of struggle, but she continues to persevere.

She hails from a business-minded family, so it made perfect sense for her to open her own business. She said, “I am like a robot! I am passionate about my business.”

She also said that she likes to help people. She wants to give back to the community. She has plans to offer free meals to the top 20 honor roll high school students to appreciate their academic excellence.

A well travelled friend told her, “Jewel, I have been too many restaurants, but nobody can touch your food.” She is very proud to receive that compliment. She said she offers “no less than the best”.

Breakfast dish
Breakfast at Jewel’s. (customer is a vegetarian, no meat was needed.)

Only the best ingredients goes into her recipes which was handed to her from her mother.  Her family comes from Alabama via Chester Pennsylvania. The cuisine is a soulful, southern style cooking.

The atmosphere of Jewel’s Signature Cooking is cozy and comfortable. Sometimes cool Jazz or R&B can heard emanating from the kitchen. “I like to groove to my sounds when I am cooking!” she said.

Hours of operation
Hours of operation

The restaurant is only open 3 days a week. Jewel said that she has tried other times and days of operation but for right now, Thursday, Friday and Saturday works best. Hours are from 9am to 8pm. On street parking.

There are still a few challenges that Jewel must face. Recently, her landlord passed away which throws an extra bit uncertainty into the success of the 2-year old business. But Jewel is confident and defiant, “I am holding on! You make it the best you can!”

Jewel also offers a catering service for any event. (She bragged, “I can do any event. I served 750 people once!”) She also wants to expand her business to serve Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) customers. “I am always thinking about my business.” Jewel said.

Interior of Jewel's Signature Cookin'
Interior of Jewel’s Signature Cookin’

Jewel’s Signature Cookin’ Restaurant
247 Campbell Street
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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