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Welcome to African-American Perspective Newsletter.

Richard James, editor and publisher created AAPN way back in 2007. The original title was “An African-American Perspective (AAAP)”. Basically he scoured the internet looking for material that might be of interest to the Black population of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. After he had been residing in the city for 7 years, he found that the Black community was heavily divided and he hoped the newsletter could bring people together.

He printed the first four issues but decided to circulate the publication via email. After four years, he retired from publishing and turned to other pursuits.

But, in 2018, one year into the Trump presidency, he was persuaded to reactivate the publication. There has been several social changes since 2007: Barack Obama served 2 terms as President, Rachel Dolezal, a white woman claimed to be black but was outed by her parents, and Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana shut down a basketball court in a public park to deter fouled mouth “unemployed 20-somethings” from loitering in the park. That led to a protest march.

While the near future is uncertain it promises to be newsworthy. And we want to present the unique and often different opinion, an African-American Perspective.

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